Tidal Energy Australia Pty Ltd (TEA) was established in 1996 to research and develop tidal power stations in Western Australia.

In 1996 TEA obtained a grant from Energy Research and Development Corporation and together with Kaiser Engineers and Western Power we produced the Cape Keraudren Tidal Power Research and Development Review.

In 1998 TEA was invited to tender for the power supply for the West Kimberley region for which we developed the Derby Tidal Power Project. The prefered tenderer for this power supply was unable to deliver and the supply was re tendered in 2002. Due to unforseen circumstances we were unable to complete our tender at this time.

The project design and costing was completed in 2003 and is awaiting a suitable offtake contract for the project to go ahead. the project will use proven off the shelf equipment

In 2010 TEA obtained a licence to use the Lloyd Solar / Thermal technology which is capable of supplying base load power 24/7. It is especially suitable for customers remote from the power grid such as remote mines. This technology stores the solar energy as high tenmperature heat and recovers the energy as required as steam.