The proposed Derby power project is a double basin system

Total length of the barrages 5 Km Turbines 6 X 8 MW Sluices High basin 14 X 10m wide X 6.5m high Low basin 8 X 10m wide X 6.5 m high Power Output 200 GWh/annum Carbon dioxide avoidance 27,000 tonnes / annum


Final Environmental Impact Statement

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was prepared to enable an assessment of the likely impacts and the proposed mitigation measures. Public comments were received and the response to these comments is provided in the Supplementary EIS.

The EIS can be downloaded using the following links:


Supplementary EIS

This supplementary EIS document provides responses to the public comments received on the Draft EIS and includes the draft Significant Species Mitigation and Monitoring Plan.  


Environmental Compliance Assessment Report

A Compliance Assessment Report has been prepared to satisfy the requirements of Conditions 4-1 and 4-2 of Ministerial Statement 941 (MS 941) and is available here (1.6Mb).